Translation Services

Translation Services

Our translators provide certified and notarized translations of written documents to private individuals, service providers, and businesses. We are committed to providing high-quality service and maintain high standards when selecting our translators.

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  • Documents and Forms

    • Personal Documents, Correspondence
    • Fliers, Brochures, Newsletters, Forms
    • Legal Documents, Contracts
    • Insurance Forms
    • Medical Reports, Transcripts, Diplomas
    • Business Cards, Correspondence

  • Certified and Notarized Translations for

    • Schools and Universities
    • Immigration and Naturalization Service
    • Foreign Adoptions
    • Attorneys
    • Courts, Driver License Bureaus, etc.



Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, Gujarati, Hindi, Karen, Mon, Punjabi, Russian,
Serbian/Croatian, Spanish, Chin, Nepali, Urdu & More

The languages we offer fluctuate, so if your desired language is not listed above, please contact Translation Coordinator, Ximena Siques, for more information.

Our Approach

Our team works closely with customers to make any necessary cultural adjustments to original documents, allowing us to provide translations that reproduce the intended meaning and format of the original document such as birth certificates, school transcripts, and forensic documents used as evidence in court proceedings.

3 steps

  • Step 1Document is translated by a skilled professional translator
  • Step 2A second translator then proofreads the document
  • Step 3 Additional reviews are made by professional editors

Advantages. Why IIA?

• Background, skills, and expertise of each translator are matched to the assignment
• Free estimates for any project
• Competitive and flexible rates for different languages and document types
• Flat rates for standard document types such as: one-page business letters, birth and marriage certificates, transcripts and diplomas, and personal correspondence
• All translated documents are reviewed and proofread by another translator

To Request a Translation/Quote, click on the link below. For more information on our Translation services, please contact:

Request a Translation / Quote

Ximena Siques
Translation Coordinator
T: 330.376.5106 Ext. 126
F: 330.247.9441

Services are provided with or without a contract

Ximena is available by phone from 8:30 a.m. – noon
We are closed on all major holidays (+ Friday after Thanksgiving, 12/24 and 12/31)