Over-the-Phone Interpreting

Over-the-Phone Interpreting

Our over-the-phone language service allows our interpreters more flexibility to meet the client’s linguistic needs, while requiring nothing more than a phone.  Our interpreters diligently listen to and analyze the conversation and then relay the original and intended meaning of the message.

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Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, Gujarati, Hindi, Karen, Mon, Punjabi, Russian,
Serbian/Croatian, Spanish, Chin, Nepali, Urdu & More

If a desired language is not listed above, please contact Interpreting Coordinator, Bhim Dhungana, for more information.


You and your client are in your office, you call our specified number at the scheduled time.
You, your client and the interpreter are on the three-way call initiated by you.
The interpreter is in your office, your client is at home (this case is handled as a regular face-to-face appointment).

To Request an Interpreter, click on the link below. For more information on our Over-the-Phone Interpreting services, please contact:

Request an Interpreter

Bhim Dhungana
Interpreting Coordinator
T: 330.376.5106 Ext. 125
F: 330.247.9441

Office Hours: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Interpreting services are available 24/7. In case of an emergency in which you require an interpreter after 4:30 PM during the week, on weekends and holidays, and when the office is closed, please remember we have a different phone number. Contact your supervisor (law enforcement and hospitals) to get the number for emergency interpreting.