ESOL Classes

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Our adult ESOL Life Skills Program offers different levels of classes for students who want to learn and improve their English proficiency. Classes are administered by qualified, professional and volunteer instructors who teach reading, writing, listening, and speaking English.

Important 2016 Dates

New students can register for ESOL classes between terms.

Start End
Spring 2 Current Term: January 4 February 12
Spring 2  Next Term: February 22 March 25

Eligibility & Fees

ESOL classes are open and free to all foreign-born adults.


Student If you are a new student, you must take a placement test before entering a class. You will be placed in the appropriate English class based on your score.
Clock-01-24 IIA partners with Project Learn of Summit County to deliver our core ESOL program. Please contact Project Learn at 330-434-9461 for information on how to enroll in the ESOL program.
What you need to bring when you register:


Identity-Card-24 Photo ID

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A session of each class is offered three times per year. A session consists of two, six-week terms with a one-week break between each term. Classes are four hours per week.

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Level What You Will Learn
Reading Writing Conversation
(Level 1)
Recognize the letters of the alphabet and basic sight words. Fill out personal information, write basic sight words, and copy sentences. Answer and ask simple questions (e.g. “How are you?” “Where are you from?”), and exchange pleasantries.
(Level 2)
Read simple sentences and follow simple directions. Fill out simple forms, complete cloze exercises (missing words), and write sight words. Answer and ask more complex questions (e.g. “What do you want to drink?” “What do you do in your free time?”).
High Beginner
(Level 3)
Comprehend basic information in simple sentences and complete simple tasks given in written language (e.g. “Call Maria at home at 9 p.m.). Organize simple sentences (word order), basic understanding of grammar (verb tenses), and spell most words correctly. Discuss specific topics such as foods, personal information, and leisure activities.
(Level 4)
Comprehend single paragraphs, draw conclusions, and complete simple tasks. Organize simple writing (beginning, middle, and end), use complex grammatical structures, and use mostly correct spelling and punctuation. Converse about most topics in English.
(Levels 5, 6, 7)
Read for understanding, use reading strategies (skimming, context clues, etc.), make predictions, and follow tasks. Write multiple paragraph text, use grammatical structures, refine spelling and punctuation, and self-editing. Communicate comfortably in English.

IIA also offers several levels of new arrival ESOL classes for its refugee clients. These classes run continuously and all students must take a placement test before entering a class.

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For more information on our ESOL Classes or to schedule a placement test, please contact:

Education Department
T: 330.376.5106 x104